Golden Crypt: mosaics of the life of Padre Pio





Padre Pio answering the mail




Padre Pio visits Cardinal Mindszenty




Padre Pio with other friars





Padre Pio is crucified with Christ



The Prayer Groups





Padre Pio blesses some professionals




Padre Pio on the threshold of Paradise meets Mary Pyle




Tomb of Padre Pio in the main pillar of the church




Padre Pio celebrates Mass alone





Padre Pio prays to Christ Crucified




Padre Pio blessed by St. Michael





Padre Pio fights an ugly giant





Padre Pio sick at home




Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza          Home for the Relief of Suffering



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Close Encounters of the Special Kind with PADRE PIO: hallways, backyard; around the world, ecstasies; Purgatory, Guardian Angel, devil; Americans; confessional, baptisms, first Communions, weddings;  Virgin Mary, Rosary; Wounds; Mass; himself, God, Jesus, Cross, Christmas, Church; spiritual children, meditation, prayer, Prayer Groups; child, novice, priest, soldier, fevers; first inquisition, Saint Mary of the Graces, Home for the Relief of Suffering (Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza); the most famous picture, children, blessings, at the ballots downtown, eating; second inquisition, last ten years, death; the Capuchin friars; entombed in first resting place, blessed, saint, exhumed, displayed, final resting place in golden crypt; mosaics of the life of Padre Pio, Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi; fists class relics with certificates; original painting, original icon.