Who is Padre Pio


Padre Pio is a masterpiece of God’s love for us.


With Padre Pio the extraordinary was ordinary, the uncommon was common,

the supernatural was natural, the unthinkable was routine, the unpredictable was norm.


It cannot be imagined a more complete, lasting, unwavering  selflessness in a human being.


From birth to death every day of his life was

consumed by the love and imitation of God through Jesus,

consumed by the love and help for the suffering humanity of his brothers and sisters on earth,

consumed by the love and suffrage of the souls in Purgatory to shorten and mitigate their pain,

consumed by the love and obedience at any price to the Roman Catholic Church.


God lavished on him his gifts with an abundance that has no equal .


And Padre Pio made good use of them, with healings, resurrections, levitations, prophecy,

reading the hearts, speaking in tongues, reading unknown languages, spreading a scent of flowers,

multiplying food in times of need, permanent visible presence of the Guardian Angel,

frequent visitations with heavenly Beings,

seeing the souls from Purgatory, knowing in details the status of the deceased,

preventing bodily harm in bilocation, preventing car accidents in bilocation,

preventing destruction of things in bilocation, healing in bilocation,

assisting in bilocation dying people  for a peaceful trespassing.


He did those things  while ingesting minimal food, taking minimal sleep, having constant headaches,

enduring a chronic bronchitis, going through bouts of extremely high fevers, profuse nightly sweating.


He relieved the Passion of Christ through thousands of Masses,

By raising his right wounded hand He absolved millions of sins.

He walked millions of painful steps on his wounded feet.

His fingers went through millions of rosaries.

His lips uttered billions of "Ave Maria".

his body went through billions of seconds in pain for the wounds.

Each and everyone of His trillions of heartbeats were a grandiose symphony for the Glory of God.


Now He is in Heaven immersed in the joy of the beatific vision.

In Paradise he continues to work for us, pray for us, intercede for us,

distributing all kinds of graces for the asking.


The only thing he doesn't do anymore is suffering.


Thank you God for having given us Padre Pio.


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