30  Gold crypt, Mosaics, Monumental Way of the Cross





Ramp to the crypt and walls of the crypt


The wall of the ramp leading to the lower church and the crypt are adorned with magnificent mosaics.

They depict stories from the life of St. Francis, Padre Pio, the Gospel, and the Old Testament.

They are works of art from the atelier in Rome of Padre Marko Ivan Rupnik,

a brilliant Jesuit theologian and artist from Slovenia.

His collaborators come from many different countries and various Christian backgrounds.

The ceiling has tiles of different sizes and shapes covered with gold.

The whole complex of Saint Padre Pio has been realized with the donations of the faithful.



 1 Padre Pio answering mail      2 Padre Pio visiting cardinal Mindszenty in prison without leaving the convent    

3 Padre Pio in fellowship with friars    4 The Prayer Groups      5 Padre Pio blesses professionals 



  6 Padre Pio celebrates Mass alone by disposition of the Holy Office    7 Padre Pio prays to Christ crucified    

8 Padre Pio fights an ugly giant   9 Padre Pio sick at home taken care of by his parents  

10 Padre Pio on the Cross with Christ  



11 Padre Pio "Alter Christus"   12 Mary Pyle greeting Padre Pio at the gate of heaven   

13 The hospital Casa Sollievo (Home for the Relief of Suffering)



1 An angel plays music for St. Francis    2 St. Francis presents the 2nd and 3rd orders of franciscans  

3 St. Francis with the sultan Saladin 4 St. Francis transforms water in wine   5 St. Francis sends the friars to preach



6 St. Francis tempted by the devil   7 St. Francis at the entrance of St. Michael's shrine      

8   St. Michael with St. Francis   9 St. Francis at St. Damien's church   



 10 St. Francis embraces the leper    11 The baptism of St. Francis   12 Chariot of fire     

13 St. Francis brings bread to a fasting friar   14 St. Francis stripped of his possessiones



1 Jesus in the garden   2 Jesus on the Cross   3 Jesus with the adultress    4 Jesus with the leper



 5 Jesus sad over Jerusalem   6 Jesus chasing the merchants from the temple 

7 Jesus baptized by John the Baptist   8 Jesus with two disciples of John the Baptist    



 9 Jesus tempted by the devil    10 Jesus found in the synagogue by his parents    

11 Jesus expelled from the synagogue   12 Fleeing to Egypt  



 13  Thomas examines the wounds   14 Jesus with Lazarus, Martha and Mary in Bethany 

15 The Nativity    16 Crucifix  



 17 Christ in glory    18 The Annunciation  19 The three young men in the furnace 



The crypt  (lower church)




The body of Padre Pio visible in the crypt of the new San Pio church.

On June 1, 2013, in a ceremony presided by Cardinal Angelo Amato,

prefect for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints,

the body of Padre Pio has been made permanently visible.

The glass urn is located in the same spot where it has been in recent years, in a casket,

in the new sanctuary dedicated to Saint Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo.

The mortal remains  can be seen in the crypt, through a window in the majestic pillar

from where  the enormous arches, holding the magnificent church, stem.












The Monumental Way of the Cross



Overall view




The fourteen Stations

Padre Pio is represented in the fifth station as the cyrenian


The cornerstone of the Monumental Way of the Cross was blessed on September 22, 1968,

just hours before Padre Pio's  death.
The time capsule in buried under the statue of Padre Pio. It was inaugurated on August 9, 1981.
The spectacular bronze Stations, immersed in a sloping pine forest,

come from the renowned Sicilian artist Francesco Messina. 



Thank you!



The end.

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